Rent out your home.

An easy and safe way to rent out your home.

No hidden fees

1 List your home
2 Review Applicants
3 Sign E-Lease
4 Get Paid

How it works

1. Sign up and create an ad

Sign up free of charge and enter basic information about your property. Edit and complete you ad yourself or have a Renthia agent do it for you. Your ad will then be verified and taken online. .

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2. View and approve applicants

Once your ad is online, you will receive bookings/applications from potential tenants. Renthia verifies and approves these applications to ensure that you have a quality pool of tenants to choose from. Select a tenant you would like to proceed with and approve them..

3. Sign a digital contract

Once you proceed with a tenant, a digital contract is generated and sent to your's and the tenant's inboxes for signing. After signing, your property is now ready for the tenant to move into..

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4. Handover the keys and relax

You will recieve an email containing all infomation regarding the upcoming tenancy. This information will include the date and time for the tenant to move in. You, a representative of yours or a Renthia agent will meet the tenant at the house/apartment to hand over the key..