This is how we work!

We believe it should be easy to rent out. You are only 2 minutes away to take your house online. Free of charge off course.


    • 1 List your property

    • Renthia stands for safety and security. We make it easy for you to find a good tenant for your property . It's free to post an ad . You set the rent for your home and add images with text. Since Renthia handle all requests from tenants we guarantee that the process is both smooth and safe.

    • 2 Show your home

    • Within just a few days , we have potential tenants who want to come and view your home. Renthia have a large network and pays all the external ads. Our viewing assistance will arrange viewings and handles contact with the tenants. You just need to set your property available at any defined time points. We'll fix the rest.

    • 3 Sign the contract

    • We will find a good, reliable tenant for you. When you are satisfied with our proposal we arrange everything for the contract. The uniqueness of Renthia is that you only sign contracts with us. We handle all contact with the tenant. You will be completely safe . You can do everything over our website but our system is controlled by real people who are in personal contact with all tenants

    • 4 Get paid

    • Every month for the entire rental period even if the tenant decides to move out. Your contract with Renthia applies regardless . Our service fee is 10% on top of the rent that you decide. This means that it is both smooth and safe for landlord and the tenant.

We are here for you during the whole renting process

    • Gurantee payments

    • Renthia pay the rent to your account during the entire rental period. Then it's up to us to send invoice to the tenants . You as a landlord can just take it easy and monitor your account.

    • Safety

    • Renthia take credit controls and check references on all of our tenants and have a personal contact with them to ensure that there is a good tenant . We also have an insurance of SEK 10 000 000 in case of the accident strikes your home. Everything to make you feel safe as a landlord.

    • Support

    • We have thought of everything during your rental. Should any shower or washing machine crashes or similar problems occur. Our support will take care of it within 12 hours. Our craftsmen and caretaker are ready for the tenant in case of an accident.

Feel at home with Renthia

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  • Property

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      • Renthia recommend to keep it simple as possible. Around 100 words.
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    We only work with long term renting. Minimum of 6 months.

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    Please pick the facilities of the object you like to rent out

  • Images

    N.B! Best size is 1170x700 px.
    Remember, nice and clear images make it easier to rent out your apartment.