How it works

We are here for you during the whole renting period. One company. One contact. Free of charge.

List your property

Do you want to rent out your property? Renthia provides a safe and smooth solution. We provide:
• Rental of your apartment or house
• Finding a good tenant (as we handle all contact with)
• Free add
• You add images and text in a quick way. Only two minutes.

Show your home

Within just a few days, we find potential tenants to come and watch your home. This is why we can guarantee a smooth process:
• Renthia has a large network of tenant agents
• We pay the external advertising of your property. No extra charge!
• Our hosts always arrange the viewings
• We handle all contact with tenants
• We are looking for the perfect tenant, we check all references and we make credit control

Sign the contract

When you are satisfied with the proposed tenant, we arrange the contract. You will be completely safe. This is why:
• A three part digital contract signing between you, Renthia & the tenant
• We handle all contact with the tenant
• We arrange with inspection instruments and inventory lists
• We sign an insurance for you, for values up to 10 million SEK
• You can do everything over the net
• Our system is handled by real people
• We are in personal contact with all tenants

Get paid

When you write a contract with us, we ensure your payment. You will receive rental every month throughout the contract period. Here is how it works:
• Renthia is and incredibly affordable option for both the landlord and the landlord
• Our fee is 10%, on top of the amount you decide as rental
• Renthia is your unique tenant for the entire rental period
• Renthia manage all support and problems during the rental period. So you can just relax

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