My life in Stockholm - Every day is a new step towards my dream life.

  • Hello everyone!

    I would like to introduce myself to begin with, and say how my life looks here in Stockholm right now. My name is Kaja and I am a 27-year-old girl from Poland who one day decided to move to Sweden. I came to Sweden in April 2014 with the idea of finding new and better life opportunities together with a little bit of fun and adventure. My first idea right after moving here was just to find a job in Stockholm and start saving for my future, but during this 3 years living here a lot of things had happened and now my vision about a future in Sweden has changed.

    I got a degree in Tourism, Recreation, and Hospitality back in Poland, and I recently completed a six-month course within tourism to further expand my knowledge in the area. Currently, I am a full-time student enrolled in two language courses: Swedish and English, but I am also a part-time employee at the Airport Coaches in Stockholm as a customer service at the ticket office. My intention is to continue my education this year through Yrkehögskola (College education level) to obtain a deeper knowledge within tourism to increase my future job opportunities.

    After coming here and starting to work in Sweden, I realized that one of the most important things that could help me integrate better with the society, making friends, and feeling more like home would be to learn the Swedish language. All the details on how to get started with Swedish, where to ask for help and how to find a school is a topic I will cover soon in another post, in which I will be focusing more on how and where to learn the language.

    Let’s go back to my story and how my life looks here in Stockholm. I consider Stockholm one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Everyone can find something interesting to do in Stockholm, from a simple walk in the park to a colorful nightlife. As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a multicultural city with plenty of events, restaurants, museums and so much more, when you can enjoy your free time and meet new people with similar interests such as music, art, technology, etc. A small sample of the type of events you can find throughout the city can be found on the official Stockholm website ( or even on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is an app called Meetup which I usually check every time I would like to do something new or different on my free time.

    As a person who is working and studying at the same time, I don’t have as much free time as I would like to enjoy Stockholm every day, but every time I have a chance I try to explore and visit new places, both in Stockholm and its surroundings. Beyond that I am a person who cannot sit in one place all the time. I love to travel and to take part in outdoor activities every time I can. Let me show you an example of a lovely day in Stockholm when it is beautiful outside, although sometimes the weather could be quite unpredictable in Sweden.

    One of my favorite ways of spending a beautiful sunny day in Stockholm is just a simple walk around Gamla Stan (Old Town) with my boyfriend, and having a nice coffee break (“fika” in Swedish) with a good cup of coffee and cinnamon rolls, also known as “kannelbullar” in Swedish.

    We love to take a walk from Slussen (subway station in central Stockholm) to Kungsträdgården going through Gamla Stan. We like to buy ice cream in Ben & Jerry’s when it’s warm, or hot coffee/chocolate in Espresso House when it’s chilly, and just walk around checking the stores, even walking to Kastellholmen if we have enough time. If you would like to know more about nice places to visit in Stockholm, I will be focusing on different areas like Gamla Stan, Medborgarplatsen, Solna, and others in one of my future posts.

    How my life looks like in Stockholm also depends on the season. Fortunately, Stockholm is prepared to be active, beautiful and exciting throughout the year. With a huge number of interesting museums (several of them with free admittance), a vibrating music scene, and several areas that could transform from nice outdoor gathering places to ice-skating courses, Stockholm is a city which never sleeps. Sometimes it could be cold, but that does not stop the people from Stockholm having fun outdoors.

    I am a more of an indoor person during winter. I usually like to spend my free time drinking tea and reading books (yes, I love to read!) or playing some board games. But that doesn’t prevent me from meeting with friends, going for nice meal (there are amazing restaurants in Stockholm), or just walk around on the snow. Stockholm has a spot for everyone and it offers plenty of activities and opportunities for those who are ready to go after them.

    Once in a while I like to pack a backpack and just go exploring with my boyfriend. Sometimes it takes us to a new part of Hagaparken, sometimes it takes us all the way to Sigtuna. That is another thing I like about Stockholm, the good transportation system. The ease of reaching places here as well as the nearby towns is amazing and it is practically all together in the same card. However, I will write more extensively about transportation in Stockholm in one of my future posts.

    That gives you a small glimpse on my life in Stockholm and how appealing the city has become to me. From coming here “just to get money” to being an engaged and happy “Stockholmer”, my life has significantly changed during these three years. Now that you know who I am and what I do here in Stockholm, I would like to invite you to read my following posts where I will write about important stuff about everyday life in here such as public transportation, different areas in Stockholm or where you should start if you would like to learn some Swedish.

    Until the next time! Kaja

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