Stockholm - where to live?

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    After a long week, I’m back with new information about Stockholm. As promised in the last post, today I will tell you a little bit about different areas in this beautiful city and what you can find/do in them.

    Gamla Stan

    Let’s start with the heart of Stockholm, from where the city started- Gamla Stan (Old Town).  This is the most lovely and magical part of Stockholm where you can see how it looked right in the beginning. This is the perfect place for a Sunday walk with family (yes, I like to take walks quite often 😊), coffee and chatting with friends, or even an after-work beer with colleagues. In Gamla Stan you can find plenty of places where to go under different circumstances, from cozy coffee places with traditional Swedish sweets and good coffee (fika! Practice your Swedish 😉) to a big amount of different types of restaurants with really tasty food, and of course several nice pubs where you can spend a nice evening enjoying drinks and live music. My favorite place in Gamla Stan is Grillska Huset, which you can find on the Nobel square, diagonal to the Nobel Museum. I love to go there and spend time on the terrace with a nice cup of coffee and a lemon pie. Sometimes the place could get really crowded with a lot of tourists down on the ground floor, but there are few people who know that there is a lovely terrace upstairs where they have also several tables 😊.

    Gamla Stan view from Kastellholmen.

    Gamla Stan is not only about food and drinks, but it is also a place for people who loves to have contact with culture and visiting interesting places. There you can find and visit places such as the Nobel Museum, the Stockholm Royal Palace, the Swedish Parliament, Post Museum, Royal Armory (free admission), The Treasury, Coin Museum (free admission) and many more interesting places. You can also take part in the “Ghost Walk” and discover all Stockholm’s legends and mysteries in a spooky way.

    Östermalm and Djurgården

    Another must-go area in Stockholm is Djurgården, also known as the Island of the Museums. There you can find the most popular museum in Stockholm: Abba The Museum, Vasa Museum, Skansen, Nordic Museum and a great museum for children: Junibacken, where they can be teleported to the world of Moomin and Pippi Långstrump. There is also located Gröna Lund, which is an amazing amusement park attractive to all ages right in the center of Stockholm.

    After spending the whole day visiting all those museums, don’t forget to take a walk from Djugården to Kungsträdgården by Strandvägen, passing by the Royal Swedish Opera (Kungliga Operan). This way you will be walking next to the canal, which offers an amazing and lovely sight that gets even better by the sunset.

    View of Strandvägen.

    Djurgården belongs to a bigger area called Östermalm which is also known as one of the most exclusive and expensive districts in Stockholm. This is the place where you can find boutiques like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. You can find there as well two of the most important universities in Sweden: KTH (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan or Royal Institute of Technology in English) and Stockholm’s University.

    If you are looking for cultural places to visit in Östermalm outside of Djugården, I would highly recommend you visit the Swedish Museum of Natural History (Naturhistoriska riksmuseets) including a visit to the Cosmonova, the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska museet), the Army Museum (Armémuseum), and go for some grocery shopping at the beautiful market called Saluhall (currently under renovation).


    Södermalm is the trendy area in Stockholm. It is a singular mix between fancy, hipster, and mainstream area which houses an incredible number of pubs, bars, restaurants, and night clubs. One of the things I like from Södermalm is that one can see an alternative food restaurant, a trendy night club, and an old-style fancy bar within 10 minutes walking.

    Medborgarplatsen (usually referred to as “Medis”) or Citizen Square in English, is one of the largest squares in Stockholm and it is located within Södermalm. Medis is a party place. During summer, you can see lots of people having drinks and after-works on the outdoors bars right in front of the subway station, like for example Snaps Bar & Bistro and Medis kök och bar. Although several well-known night clubs are located in Östermalm, Södermalm offers a wide range of its own like Debaser or Göta Källare.


    Now you know three of the most touristic areas in Stockholm. The true is that Stockholm has several areas which may not be considered so much as “touristic”, yet you will totally fall in love with them after being there. One of them is Kungsholmen. It is the island in which the City Hall is located (the place where the Nobel Banquet has been taking place since 1901). I would totally recommend taking a walk by the water from the City Hall to Rålambshovsparken, which provides a range of awesome and pretty sights as well as several pubs/restaurants, being two of the most popular Orangeriet and Mälarpaviljongen.


    View of the City Hall in Kungsholmen.


    Going up to the north-west of Gamla Stan we reach one of the big green areas of Stockholm (officially it is not Stockholm, but it is a municipality within Stockholm County). This is a perfect place for contact with nature and a good area to stay if you enjoy nature in your everyday life. This is one of the greenest areas in Stockholm containing several parks, with one of the most popular being Haga Park.

    But it is not only easy access to a nature what makes Solna such a good place to live. It’s also its good transportation system with easy access to most other Stockholm areas. You can use subway, busses, tram and trains in a fully interconnected system with the Stockholm main hub T-Central. More about transportation in Stockholm is coming on one of my future posts.

    In Solna you can also find the second largest mall in the Nordic countries: Mall of Scandinavia. It has more than 200 stores, very good restaurants and I would dare to say the best cinema in Stockholm. It is located very close to the Friend Arena, which is a big stadium that has been host for many events such as the UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL 2017 two weeks ago. Solna is also a home for one of the largest and most prestigious medical universities in the world, the Karolinska Institute.


    Kista is known as the “Sillicon Valley” of Sweden. It has a very broad spectrum of companies, both well-stablished and start-ups, and it is essentially a technical industry office area. Or at least close to the subway station, because a couple of kilometers away it has beautiful green areas where to go hiking or just having a picnic. It has a significant residential zone as well, in a well-integrated urban/nature environment as the rest of Stockholm.

    Scandic Victoria Tower in Kista.

    The Kista campus of KTH is located there, with mainly the robotics and IT departments of the university. I would say that Kista is a “technology incubator” surrounded by beautiful views and vast green areas.


    I chose to mention Danderyd here because I used to live there. It is just a mainly residential area to the north of Stockholm, which does not belong to the Stockholm municipality, but it is very easy to reach to by subway, bus, or train.

    I just wanted to comment how beautiful views are to be found in Danderyd. One could walk by Edsviken, which is an inlet of the Baltic Sea, or make a barbecue right next to the water, and have an amazing day. Extensive green areas, the Cedergrenska Tornet, and very much nature to discover and explore is what makes Danderyd a great place to visit once in a while.

    All these areas I have cover in this post are either the most touristic or the most familiar to me, and that is the only reason I chose them. There are many more beautiful areas to visit and explore in Stockholm and its surroundings, and I strongly encourage you to go out and explore as much as you can because it has its rewards.

    Until the next time!


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