New life in Stockholm? – The 4 most important things to do when you arrive in Stockholm!

    1. How to travel around in Stockholm without using your feet too much?

    Moved to Stockholm without a car? No worries, it´s expensive and not necessary. You can easily travel around everywhere fast with Stockholm public transport. Public transport tickets are pretty expensive, especially if you buy single tickets every time. Our suggestion is to pay for the period you will stay in Stockholm.

    Will you stay for a longer period, go for the monthly ticket from day one – you will save time and money!

    Price: 790 SEK / month (80 Euro) and it covers wide city area by metro, train, bus and even boat.

    How to Buy the tickets? Look after the big “T” on the streets and talk with the person at that station or buy directly from the ticket-machine that you will find underground.


    1. Getting an ID-card

    It´s good to have a Swedish ID-card in many cases. The first thing you need to do is to get your personal identity number. The number means that you are registration in Swedish Population registry. You can apply at the Tax Office (Skatteverket), but make sure that you have an address already.

    Once you have your personal number, you can apply for the ID-card. You apply for it at the Tax Office (Skatteverket) and it will take few weeks until your ID-card is ready. You can get it to your address or pick it up at the Tax Office by your self.

    Homepage to the Tax Office (choose your own language): Skatteverket

    1. Open a bank account

    It is possible to open up a bank account before you get you ID-card, but you will not be able to use online banking until you provide your Personal number.

    To open a bank account, you will have to bring your employment contract and we recommend one of the biggest banks in Sweden, Swedbank or Handelsbanken.

    1. Mobile operators

    To communicate and get online are important things and it´s good to make a plan for it as fast as possible. To avoid picking long term contact without thinking and comparing, just use some free prepaid Sim Card.

    The best recommendation: Buy Comviq Sim-card at and corner-shop in town. Refill for 95 SEK (10 Euro) and you will get almost unlimited calls, SMS and 1 GB of data. If you spend all your data, you can refill 1 GB more for 50 SEK 85 Euro)

    Other good operators:


    Welcome to your new life in Stockholm! 


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